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Collaborative Law


Collaborative Law is a process which allows the parties to settle their divorces and other family law matters with minimal time in court. When electing to use the Collaborative Law process, both parties and their attorneys sign an agreement committing to a series of meetings during which they will sit at the same table sharing relevant information to come to agreements in their case.


The Collaborative Law process is a very structured process which focuses on creating a safe environment in which clients learn to communicate and negotiate with each other in a positive manner to achieve their individual and family goals for the future.

The Collaborative Law process recognizes that while a marriage relationship may be ending, the family relationships and obligations often continue, especially when children are involved.


Linda Cechura works hard to make sure she understands your goals in your divorce or other family-related matter. Then, together, you can formulate an effective strategy to reach those goals. She works with you to try to help ease your transition into life after divorce. If you have children, this team approach enables her to help you protect your child from the stress of divorce while helping you shape a positive future for your family.