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Children's Protective Services (CPS) Cases


Child Protective Services include investigating reports of abuse and neglect of children, providing services to children and families in their homes, placing children in foster care, providing services to children in foster care to help them successfully transition to adulthood and also help children get adopted.


When it comes to child abuse and neglect, the law can be very harsh. No child should go through such trauma. It's already enough that the family might be falling apart, added abuse should never be tolerated. Intervening effectively in the lives of these children is not the sole responsibility of any agency but is everyone's concern as well.

Termination of Parental Rights


The termination of parent's rights to visit or have custody of their child is one of the most difficult and emotional cases that we handle. Parental rights are terminated due to the inability to provide for their child's needs. There are also cases where in children are assigned to another's care because both parents are incapable of taking care of them so they'll be better off to be under someone else's guidance.


Both parents automatically have the right to make decisions for their children. Whether it's about their education, religion, health care, etc. However, these rights can be terminated if they violated the law or usually in fathers' case, never claims paternity. A parent can also terminate their rights voluntarily which always ends their relationship with their children.

  • Sever abuse or neglect

  • Sexual abuse

  • Abandonment

  • Long term mental illness or deficiency of the parent(s)

  • Long term drug or alcohol issue of the parent(s)

  • Failure to support or remain in contact with the child

  • Involuntary termination of the rights of the parent to another child

  • Parent(s) had been convicted of certain felonies (some cases, if the parent is required to be imprisoned for a length of time and there's no one who can look after their child, the child usually is sent to foster care).


Whatever the case is, what matters most is the child's safety and well-being and Round Rock Attorney Linda Lee Cechura will handle the case with passion, putting the child's best interests as her top priority. Contact her today at 512-255-9400.

Most Common Reasons for Involuntary Termination