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Considering requesting for a paternity test? Establishing paternity is usually needed when a child is born under unmarried parents. It is very essential to be determined to ensure that the child has the support and care he/she needs and the relationship that he/she deserves as well.


Fathers are sometimes denied rights and not recognized as the biological parent by the mother. In some cases, a man can be alleged to be the father and forced to take custody of the child. Such situations require paternity to be established. Once this has been made and it's confirmed that you're the father of the child, you can begin paying child support, having visitation rights, or filing for custody from the child's mother or guardian. Let us lessen the worries and anxiety regarding this sensitive matter.



Adoptions are most likely the most joyous and unforgettable moment for many families. In Texas, any adult who is fit to be a parent can definitely adopt a child. They can be single parents, same-sex couples, married couples, stepparents or even grandparents. But it can be complicated as well. In most cases, it is a long and detailed process. For a married couple, both spouses must have to adopt the child unless one spouse is already the biological parent. Now if they're both not the biological parent, the parental rights of the biological parents must be terminated. All adoptions also require a home screening to make sure that the child will live in a safe, loving and financially stable environment. Adoptions can be open which means the child can still contact their biological parents, or closed.

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With the best interest of the child in mind, we assure you that you will get the accurate and necessary information to make the best decision for your child's future.