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"I unexpectedly found myself in a situation where I required legal representation in the area of family law. Upon speaking with Linda I was immediately at ease and knew I could work with her and her team. She asked me the questions that needed to be asked, gathered important information and shared her recommendation with me through the entire process. She presented options and made it clear the important decisions were mine, but that her recommendations were based on experience, insight, and took into account the specifics of my case. My situation was resolved well, with Linda's support. Since then I have recommended her services to friends who required legal advice in family law, and I would do so again." - Michael

"I used Linda's services back in 2010. I was very satisfied with the process and results. The initial consultation allowed me to fully understand the process and my rights. Her staff was always very courteous and professional. Linda is an expert in Texas laws. Her guidance allowed me to make informed decisions about the interests for myself and my son. Linda was recommended to me by a friend and I would recommend Linda to any of my friends that need her services." - Mitch

"During an extremely difficult tumultuous divorce which took over three years to finalize, Linda Cechura was able to provide closure for me and so much more. Searching for a lawyer during an extremely difficult time is very hard and confusing - luckily I had a friend who had previously hired Linda Cechura and was happy with her representation. The first thing everyone thinks about is - "how much is this going to cost?" and "please can we get the process done and over with as quickly as possible?" I will reassure you that are Linda's goals as well. Linda Cechura is not looking to charge you crazy fees and drag the process on. The length of my case was an exception. From the first meeting with Linda, she was caring, compassionate, and clear on what I needed to do with moving forward with the divorce process. Please take what Linda says and use it as your Bible to try and bring closure to a difficult situation as soon as possible. There were many times I would call Linda during the divorce process worried about ongoing circumstances again. Linda was always clear and provided impeccable advice. I had to go to court several times unfortunately, and Linda was always prepared, calm, and victorious at every turn in my divorce process. I could go on for days about what a GREAT law firm the Law Office of Linda Lee Cechura Law is, but it is the person behind the firm which makes this law firm excellent and that is Linda Cechura." - Brenda

"If you are looking for an intelligent, caring, and energetic attorney to represent you, look no further than Linda Cechura. She represented me in a legal matter a few years ago and was always available to answer questions and give guidance. I appreciated her personal attention to my case, and you will, too." ~ Lydia

"When my divorce became contested due to separate property that involved a substantial financial amount I was referred to Linda Cechura who specializes in financial tracing. She took on my divorce with a genuine interest and concern for the welfare of my children and me. Linda's confidence and professionalism put me at ease right away and I felt a positive outcome would result from the initial meeting. Weeks later, after tracing ten plus years of statements, her work neutralized the main issue of the opposing counsel's case. In short, Linda's tireless efforts saved me the majority of the separate property investment. Instead of a 50/50 split I retained 84% of the investment and negotiated other divorce concerns successfully to my benefit. My divorce was settled out of court because of Linda's expertise in financial tracing and mediation. I recommend Linda without any hesitation and I can say with confidence that you are losing money without Linda on your side." ~ Shawn

"This was not my first rodeo in the divorce arena. I have a real negative feeling and experience for typical divorce attorneys -- very expensive, uncaring, and often unavailable. My first divorce was combative which was fueled by actions of both attorneys resulting in fees in excess of $90,000.

Dealing with Linda Cechura in the collaborative process was a real "breath of fresh air" in comparison to my previous dissolution. Linda's fees were reasonable, and she stayed focused on getting a fair settlement, avoiding trial and all those related expenses and time wasting procedures.

I know I will not have to go through the divorce process again in my life but would not hesitate to recommend Linda's services." -Steve

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